Un programa en el que se fusionan FunProm y Funlog. Les 5 logiciels les plus populaires dans la même rubrique: Vous pouvez modifier la position de n’importe quel provider. Pour correctement connecter le programmeur nous utiliserons un câble de liaison  » bidirectionnel  » tous les câbles le sont actuellement avant ce n’ était pas le cas. Cattura gli eventi dei film e partite di calcio cos?

Nom: funcard eeprom editor
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The benefits and features of the Arduino Simulator are: There is no point in creating software with thousands of features if nobody knows how to use it. It has the same functions, some improvements, new features and, on top of that, it’s very easy to use. Se connecter Se connecter avec. Presentazione dei nano delle istruzioni 0x32, 0x3C e 0x Purchases are limited to.

La fusione di FunProm e FunLog in un solo programma. Per recuperare la riulevazione del chip? FunMagic da adesso lavora in FastMode con l’Apollo in una forma molto pi? Per poter lavorare in questa modalit? Con altri Flash il programma lavora nel modo tradizionale.

Per cambare la dimensione della eeprom si deve selezionare la giusta dimensione nel men? Edita qualsiasi chiave facilmente. Queste operazioni sono quelle che fanno normalmente gli editor convenzionali, per? Puoi scegliere una qualsiasi eeprom da usare. Presentazione dei nano delle istruzioni 0x32, 0x3C e 0x Cattura gli eventi dei film e partite di calcio cos?

Per catturare gli eventi si deve tenere la Fun in modalit? Log attiva, e andare sui canali oppure comprare gli eventi.

FunMagic 1.40 PL.zip

Aggiustando le costanti si pu? Avanti a tutto ho posto la facilit? My apologies for any shortcomings in the translation. Scusate per la traduzione. Excuses pour la traduction. Salva Flash, Eeprom vuncard, Eeprom interna. Lettura Flash, Eeprom esterna, Eeprom interna. Edita tutti i parametri della Eeprom Esterna. Crea, elimina, clona, provider. Cambia la posizione de qualsiasi provider. Salvataggio della Eeprom esterna mediante un phoenix.

Lettura della Eeprom esterna mediante un phoenix. Copia provider da una eeprom externa ad un’altra. Esportazione dei log in formato testo. Eliminazione del log catturado dalla Eeprom esterna.


Invio delle istruzioni al phoenix. Presentazione dei nanos delle istruzioni 0x32, 0x3C y 0x Un programa en el que se fusionan FunProm y Funlog. La idea original es que todo el mundo pueda tenerlo en su wditor idioma. Con el resto de flashses trabajara tuncard la forma tradicional.


FunMagic es capaz de programar eeproms externas con tama? Para cambiar el tama? FunMagic es capaz de clonar proveedores, copia todos los valores de un proveedor en uno nuevo.

FunMagic es capaz de copiar todos funcarf datos de un proveedor de una eeprom ffuncard y pegarlos en otra eeprom externa. Puede borrar el log grabado en la eeprom externa.

Ajustando las constantes puedes tener la referencia del evento y saber cual es exactamente. Lectura Flash, Eeprom externa, Eeprom interna. Borrado de los chips. Lectura de la Eeprom externa mediante un Phoenix.

Copia proveedores de una eeprom externa a otra. Borrado del log capturado de la Eeprom externa. I hope you like it and find it useful to fiddle with your FunCards. It’s a good question It’s FunProm and Editoor together in the same programme. It is currently translated into 6 languages. The idea is that everyone can have it in their own language.

Now we can do everything with FunMagic. It has the same functions, some improvements, new features and, on top of that, it’s very easy to use. FunMagic is capable of identifying all the flashs that travel on the Internet.

funcard eeprom editor

That way we’ll know who has developed that flash. FunMagic can identify more than different flashs. Increasing the number of the identified flashs is very easy: You just download the file ‘FlashRelease. With this protection it won’t be possible to read flash and eeprom.

To recover chip detection it’s necessary to delete the chip. FunMagic now works with the Apollo in faster and more efficient way called Fast-Apollo.

funcard eeprom editor

To be able to work in this mode a special flash is needed. For the time being, only FOM 1. Of course, those derived from these and superior versions will be valid for the Fast-Apollo. With other flashes the program works in the traditional mode. FunMagic can program external eeproms bigger than 8 Kb: To change the size of the eeprom that is being programmed, you should choose editro right option in the Apollo configuration menu. Edit easily any key.


Download file %FunMagic % from thread %Funrarri%

This could already be accomplished ediitor conventional editors. FunMagic, however, adds some new features in this chapter. Eepro is capable of identifying any external eeproms. Currently there are five categories: Generic beta 2, F-o-M 1. Once a particular eeprom has been selected and opened, the programme will adapt itself to the chosen type of eeprom. FunMagic can clone providers: FunMagic can change the position of the providers.

You can move the position of any provider up or down. FunMagic can copy funcrad the data of a provider in an external eeprom and paste it in another external eeprom. FunMagic can insert editoor comment in external eeprom, for to explain content. Some minor bugs have been solved. It can erase the log from the external eeprom.

Display of the nanos of instructions 0x32, 0x3C and 0x It captures the events of movies and soccer matches so that they can later be purchased in a MOSC card. To capture events you should have your Efitor set for Log mode, and go to the relevant box office or purchase the desired soccer match. Adjusting the constants you can have the event reference and know exactly which one it is.

With this editor we will be able to edit any eeprom in any format. It can presently read files. This is not a manual, but it’s better than nothing. First I tried to make a user-friendly programme. There is no point in creating software with thousands of features if nobody knows how to use it.

It uses specific scripts for each eeprom. Programme Flash, external eeprom and internal eeprom. Read Flash, external eeprom and internal eeprom.

Edit all data of external eeprom. Eeprim, delete, clone, providers. Change position of any provider. Write external eeprom with a Phoenix. Read external eeprom with a Phoenix. Copy providers of one external eeprom into another. Easy view of any Log. Exportation of Log to text format.